Burning Permit

Weed Abatement Burning Permit — City Of Page

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Burning Permit City of Page

It is unlawful for any person to ignite, cause to be ignited, permit to be ignited, allow, or maintain any open outdoor fire in
a county without independent authority to permit fires except as provided in A.R.S. § 49-501 and A.A.C. 18-2-602. Burning
for weed abatement purposes is permitted by State Law with a written permit by a public officer. Permit must be in
possession while burning. Burning without a permit is a violation pursuant to A.R.S. § 49-502 and may be subject to citation
and/or billing by public officials.

Persons burning weeds are responsible for control of burn and liable for any resulting damages. By issuing a permit under
Arizona State Regulations, the City of Page and its agents assume no liability for the actions of the applicant or others. Any
public official has the authority to require the extinguishing of any permitted burn which is not being conducted properly
or which becomes a safety or health hazard. If any unlawful burn, without lawful authority, were to set or cause to set
other property or wildland on fire, the person is subject to criminal penalties provided under A.R.S. § 13-1706. Open burning
violations are required to be reported to the Department of Environmental Health Services.

Prior to burning AND when the fire is out, notify Page Dispatch (option 1) at 645-2463.

Consult with Fire Department if water supply or other conditions are a problem.
Permits may be rescheduled if conditions prohibit burning on the scheduled date — call 645-2463.
Special burn permits are available from the County or State for unusual circumstances, please check with the Fire Department for information.



  • Notified Page Dispatch
  • Permit is present at the burn site
  • Burn must be attended at all times by a responsible adult
  • Adequate water supply and tools to control fire
  • Burn weeds in small piles


DO NOT BURN Plastics, Tires, Garbage, Limbs, Rubber, Trash, Flammable Liquids, Asphalt Roofing, Wood Scraps, Poisonous/Noxious Plants, Etc.
For Full List, See A.A.C. 18-2-602.13

  • Outside normal burning hours
  • During times of limited visibility
  • During blowing wind or weather inversions.
  • When burn produces black or excessive smoke or odors
  • Within 50 feet of a structure, fence, or vehicles

This is our online Burning Permit, please fill out everything on Page 2 of the Permit and Sign. This Burning Permit is not valid without a signature by a public officer. Email this completed Burning Permit to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You must have a copy of this burning permit at the burn site.

For emailed burn permits: you may NOT burn until you have a copy of a signed and issued burn permit returned to you. Please note this may take 5-7 days so plan your burn accordingly.