03-31-19 Smoke in a Residence

Page Fire Department responds to the report of smoke in a residence.

On Sunday, March 31st, 2019 at 1701 hours Page Fire Department Units, Engine
10 (E-10) and Medic 10 responded to Glen Canyon Dr for the report of a residence
filled with smoke.
Upon arrival, the crew found a double wide trailer with no visible smoke or flames.
The Captain met with the reporting party who stated that when she returned home,
she found the house filled with smoke and called 911 but was unable to locate the
source. E-10 crew entered the structure and was unable to locate the source using a
thermal imaging camera. An exterior crew pulled some skirting off the bottom of
the structure and found evidence of charred wood and ash. The interior Crew then
cut a hole in the floor over the charred area and exposed a faulty electrical wire to
be the cause of the smoke.
Page Fire Department extinguished the remainder of the hot spots, removed all
charred flooring and insulation, and contacted PUE to pull the power meter. All
units returned to service at 1814 hours.