Chimney Fire at 41 Granada

On Monday, March 5th, 2018 at 22:21 hours Page Fire Department Units, Engine 10 (E-10) and Medic 10 (M-10) responded to 41 Granada for a chimney fire. Upon arrival E-10 crew found light smoke coming from a single story double wide trailer. E-10 crew pulled a 150-foot attack line and made entry into the structure. Entry crew found smoke throughout the structure and a small fire around the chimney where it meets the ceiling. Entry crew started extinguishing the fire while pulling ceiling. Entry crew had the fire out at 22:34 hours then began overhaul and E-10 rehab.

E-10 and M-10 returned to service at 23:34 hours; structure was released to the owner.

Chimney fire 1 Chimney fire 2